Got the look?

You have a brand, your business has a specific look and feel, and you market to a specific demographic. Shouldn’t your website reflect that? I work with you in creating a theme for your site that matches the branding and aesthetic you need. If you don’t have an established brand or you want a rebranding, I can create one for you.

Be mobile friendly.

An important aspect of your site is the usability. People these days do not just view websites on a desktop computer. There are thousands of different mobile devices with all different screens sizes. How do cater to all these devices so everyone can view your site? The answer, you make your site responsive. This means that website doesn’t have a fixed size. By making all the content adapt to the screen size, you give your viewers the ability to access from anywhere, on anything.

Works with you, not against you.

The functionality of your website should fit the needs of your business. There is a lot thought that goes into a business and how it is organized, the same should go with your website. It should be easy to update and manage your site once it is done. I create sites that are dynamic and easy to maintain by building them in content management systems (CMS). A CMS is a platform in which you can login and edit the content of your site without having to know any advanced code. Putting your site on one of these platforms also adds security and helps to get you to the top on search engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo.