Bettie Page Mosaic

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The Bettie Page Mosaic was a piece I did based on the simple fact that I never saw one done of her. You always see mosaics of Bob Marley and Marilyn Monroe but never of Bettie Page. So I went to and contacted them asking for the permission to use thumbnails of their photography to start. They said that I had to contact the Photographers directly for the use of them. So I did. 2 years later, I finally gathered enough images to build the piece.

The process was tedious. I took the image that was going to be created and scaled it as the background layer. Then I created a grid guide. Each thumbnail was 100px square at 300dpi. I then, one by one, placed each thumbnail and adjusted the opacity  to match the area it was over in the image.

When the piece was complete, I sent a copy to A few weeks later I received a email directly from Bettie herself thanking me for the piece.