Urbanears Zinken – What an awesome innovation!

I have been recently looking for a good pair of headphones that sound great but are not the price of Sennheisers. The Urbanears Zinken are definitely it! A minimalist design with features like no other headset out there. First off, They sound quite amazing for the price. There is no distortion on high volume and they are super clear in both treble and bass. They have a unique wire on them that has a 1/8 in. connection on one end and 1/4 in. on the other. There is an input on each side of the that is one of each size. This gives the ability to be able to switch back and forth between connections with out the use of an adapter. You also can plug in your friend’s headphones into the other side to share what you are listening to. They have an inline mic and a remote button on the wire. Not to mention, they are super comfortable and come in a wide assortment of colors.

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